Financial Cosiderations

We recognize and acknowledge that expense and cost may be your final considerations in whether proceeding or delaying treatment, or even settling for second best.  However, it is equally  important to us that you believe that our concerns and  services focus around YOU, our patient, and YOUR individual needs. We are committed  to providing you with the premiere dental care you deserve, need or want, we have decided to provide many different  payment and financing options. To achieve all of our goals then we have provided our patients with a number of different financial options. We are sure one of these will be the best fit for you:

1.    We  accept all insurances (except Medicaid) and are members of only 3 leading PPO'S.

 As a courtesy, our staff will call and verify your benefits ahead of time so you have an approximate knowledge of what your          patient  responsibility of the cost will be. Further, they will file all the necessary pre-estimates, claims,and supportive paperwork    for you so you don't have to worry about coding or wording. This helps to ensure you receive your full entitled benefits.  

 Please remember,however, that while we opt to simplify the insurance process for you, and while we are willing to wait for insurance payments within a reasonable time frame, it is up to YOU, the patient to follow up with your insurance company when delays do occur. After all, the contract ultimately is between you and them. Finally while we will accept insurance ,file the necessary claims, and wait for their payments, we will not adjust our prices based on any insurance determination. Unless it is in the case of a contracted PPO, please keep in mind we do not work for any insurance, nor do we set our prices based on insurance determination tables and fees. Our fees are exclusively determined by  consideration of  material and lab  costs as well as  the extensive knowledge, skill, experience, and expertise of our  professionals.

   2.  In limited cases, we offer competitive financing. Please contact us for details.

   3.  We have partnered with Care Credit the leading credit provider for cosmetic dentistry needs, to offer a range of affordable                                payment options, tailored to your needs.

          Care Credit offers payment plans to fit everyone’s budget, including:

·    No initial payment

·       Interest free options 

·      Low monthly payments

·      No prepayment penalty, and terms up to 60 months

You can directly apply for Care Credit by clicking on the link above.

 4.   Finally, we are proud to offer our exclusive  FREEDOM OF CHOICE PLAN This is an IN-OFFICE DISCOUNT PLAN that allows patients with NO INSURANCE  to benefit from savings up to 30% off most dental work. Further, upon enrollment in this plan, patients qualify for FREE ANNUAL EXAMINATION and BITE-WING X-RAYS as long as their annual membership is current. Call us for further details.